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By electronically signing the membership agreement below, you and your company are entering into a legally binding agreement. Please download and read carefully prior to signing. Any Agreements, including the Terms and Conditions and Membership Details form, and any applicable Service Package Addendum, will be effective when signed by both parties. In the event of any conflict between the Terms and Conditions and the Membership Details form, the Membership Details form shall prevail.

By signing this Agreement you represent that you have the proper authority to execute this Agreement on behalf of the company listed above and incur the obligations described in this Agreement on behalf of such company. Please be advised that if there are multiple links to separate Membership Agreements displayed below, then by signing you are entering into multiple agreements with the separate CoWork by Camden building entities indicated in the linked agreements.

I agree to the Terms & Conditions, Payment Authorization Terms, Membership Details Terms and any applicable Service Package Addendum in this Membership Agreement. I additionally agree that in the event I have any pre-existing Membership Agreement the terms of such Agreement which are not revised, amended or terminated herein remain unchanged.